The new generation of electric trucks enhance driving time with 25 percent

AF Truck is launching a new generation of electric trucks at this year’s exhibition at Have & Landskab in Slagelse. The driving time of the vehicle has been enhanced by 25 percent with new engine technology. Now you can work all day with a green consciousness.

AF Truck are specialists regarding electrical trucks to the green sector – including Road & Park, Housing, Landscapers and cemeteries. The new generation of electric trucks – AC48 Park – has improved in several important points as compared to the previous generation. New engine technology enhances driving time with up to 25 percent compared to the previous model. The strong construction ensures long life. Driving comfort has been improved with a new ergonomic design and extra suspension. The truck has been developed for outdoor transportation and hauls gladly a load. It is delivered in a series of constructions which are tailored for the purpose.

An entire day’s driving time

The new AF truck has been updated with the newest engine technology in the market – in the shape of a 4kw electric engine of the PMAC-type which gives more powers. This type has a very high efficiency – in this AF truck version – up to 98 percent. And it furthermore requires very little maintenance. Together with the planetary gear the truck has a long operating time and the power to perform demanding tasks. The battery mount is the latest generation of 48-volt Lithium-ion batteries which are very energy efficient, maintenance free and a significantly longer life expectancy than traditional batteries. This means that the new truck has a driving time that exceeds that of a normal workday. That ensures an effective day for the workers as well as helping achieve climate goals – so says CEO Bjarne Sørensen. For years AF Truck has been exclusively working with electric trucks than ensures environmental and silent work. With this latest generation there are fewer arguments for choosing gasoline and petrol vehicles.

The AC48 truck has a new and modern design and has received and ergonomic overhaul. Occupational therapists have helped develop the driving handle which ensures a correct working position. Should you prefer the old design that it still an option. Vibration absorber and the new oil damped suspension in front and back increases comfort in the truck.

A turning radius of only 1,5 meters and the three wheeled design ensures the trucks maneuverability in even tight spaces. Trucks are among other things used for work in the green sector. They are used for transporting materials, tools etc. The trucks can be built in different variations – from open load to custom build with built in tool cabinets.

Serviceconcept – all inclusive

Together with the AC48 truck you can obtain AF Trucks new service concept. The concept includes the yearly and statutory maintenance and a preventive inspection of the vital parts of the truck. Also test and adjustment of battery and engine so that the performance and operating time is optimal. The subscription service also includes online software updates and remote diagnosis.

About AF Truck

AF Truck is the preferred choice regarding electrical trucks in Denmark. The trucks are used in the areas of park, cemeteries, housing, hospitals, industry and so forth. AF Truck are used in areas both inside and outside, in connection with service, transportation og internal logistics. AF Truck are pioneers in this area and has since the beginning in 1957 produced more than 15.000 trucks.

AF Truck is owned by A. Flensborg, Herning Maskinfabrik A/S which has been founded in 1933 and is currently employing 30 workers. Headquarters are located on Mørupvej in Herning. This is also the location where all the trucks are manufactured.